Top Trending Shooting Games of 2018 on Play Store and App Store

Top Trending Shooting Games of 2018 on Play Store and App Store

Ranking high with 10,00,000+ downloads, Maze Militia has been counted in top shooting games of the era. It is the fun enthralling game for the 2018 year. Full of graphic dynamics and thrilling game play makes it the most eligible one.

Take your FPS games to the next level as you can shoot with 3D sniper rifles, machine guns, hand guns and much more. Earn a high enough score and aim to enter the top levels and unlock the best rewards. One can connect, trade and share with their friends worldwide in shooting games.

Being designed in multi-platform I.e, both Ios and Android it has wide reach. It is an online multiplayer arena in addition to the PvP battles. Also, it is an multilingual game covering majority languages around the world.

With acoustic game design, it is easy to play but tough to master. The custom HUD, free aiming system, missions, levels and more makes it one of the trending game among the action shooters. The high gun upgrades and devastating explosives fulfill the most needed criteria of FPS games.

There are 130+ missions to unlock and play the quest on battlefields into the shooting games. Here you have a chance for total character customization with wide range top functionality. The exciting in-app offers and in game profits can make you stand out among the crowd.

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Take your  Top Shot

Here you can even connect in LAN via hotspot, wifi and play with your mates in multiplayer rounds. The profound sound effect, stunning animations and character functionality like crouch, jump, speeding up shoes increases the fun for FPS games. Consequently, there are surprise crates and rent gun facilities. Thus letting you rent a gun for considerable amount of time for much lower prices.

Flourishing the difficulty level, we have different game modes like death match, survival, hardcore and many more. To buck-up your performance and assist you throughout the game play we have our smartly designed Maze Militia Assistant “Ava”. She will guide you throughout the game user interface and help you get frequent with it. With her strategic tips and ideas she will help you to win your battle.

Nailing up the status of shooting games, there are power boosters within the game play so encouraging one to be in the top 3 players. Also, integrated with chat facility allowing you to make game strategies and new friends.

Thus, here is among the best shooting games of 2018. So take your shot.