Best Shooting Games you can play over LAN in 2018

Best Shooting Games you can play over LAN in 2018

Maze Militia one of the top reaching shooting games of the era. Being available in cross platform Ios and Android as well as being language portable in world wide languages makes it easily available in everyone’s reach.

With the outstanding features like free aiming, realistic and dynamic maps and maze, custom HUD and much more makes it a cordial shooting games in the world of gaming. Consequently, one can team up and play in LAN multiplayer via wifi or hotspot. It is designed with high quality graphics and amusing animations and profound sound effect.

It has enhanced its capabilities with the regular and enthusiastic updates. The powerful and deadly inventory involving snipers, assault rifles, hand guns, machine guns, explosives and much more makes it more desirable to play.


Got bucked up with the old capturing approaches?

Here is a game-changing, mind boggling and fantastic eye-opener arrangement! Game play with dynamic multiplayer First person shooter, third person shooter in spectator mode and top – down view in shooting games. So, you could aim the opponent inside your comfort view and head closer to the victory.

Strengthen techniques of shooting games:

Pick wisely!! There is a shooter’s room where you may take trial for each gun before you buy or rent it. so, you can analyze fire power and damage for every gun and pick the great. Thrilling approach that allows you to rent a gun, when in short of cash. Consequently, aiming your target becomes less complicated with auto fire, simply drag the opponent to your cross-hair and start hitting.

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Super Chargers:

There are extensive range of achievements to complete and earn rewards in shooting games. Particular achievements like 10 victory, double kill, play 100 video games, 20 kills with AKM and many more to unlock. Hence, with all these engrossing victories you can venture your competition and goal excessive.


Be a player and ball your way high on the leader boards. The leader board reflects the top 10 excellent gamer among your friends and grant you fame and glory. so both be the best or join the rest! In addition with online profile it does reveal your achievements and statics. Supporting you in analyzing your overall performance and accelerate your strategy.

Boom!! marvel:

We admire the users for their gaming capabilities with exciting rewards and each day bonus to accompany their journey in the course of the conflict. These benefits are in the form of free certain amount of cash and gold, buying a gun without cost, activating a PRO-Pack for 30 minutes. A crate of grenade, free med-kit and plenty of extra such electrifying items. So, it makes the shooting games journey more exciting and thrilling.