Date: 15 Jul 2014

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IOS 8 Caller Screen

Getting bored with old Caller screen UI??

Here we introduce IOS 8 Caller screen android app for Android User.

IOS 8 Caller Screen change your screen to rich and friendly user interface of IOS.
Lots of Features:

• Dialer Keypad change to new IOS 8 Dialer keypad with Rich layout design which is same as IOS 8.
• IOS 8 Caller Screen Rich Call log screen like in which you can see your miss call, received call and dialed call.
• IOS 8 Caller Screen contact screen will give you your all contact list in which you can search your contacts and see all contact with new rich look designed .
• in IOS 8 Caller Screen You can see your most dialed and calling contacts in favorite list
• IOS 8 Caller screen is workable for all of your device even it you have lower version of android.
• When you receive a call you will have full UI of IOS 8 caller screen.
• You can also define your voice mail which will help you when you want to reject a call from any one and send them message like “I am Busy right now, call you later” by IOS 8 Caller Screen.
• IOS 8 Caller Screen gives you complete feel of ios theme.

you can active and deactivate your iOS 8 caller screen so you can use your default android caller screen.

This application will give you rich look of iOS 8 style and it is light weight so you can navigate your

• Keypad
• Favorite list,
• Contact list
• Voice mail
• Recent calls

And you can switch to your default caller screen easily using Active/Deactivate button. Send instant message to caller when you are busy and all. You can put you custom message.

We are workin on further features like add to contact. You will have update of it soon.

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