Date: 15 Jul 2014




IOS 8 Applock
For Protection from someone who will see your personal photo, message and video, we are introducing iOS 8 Applock for lock your application.
Instead of locking your device locking your apps using powerful iOS 8 applock.
Lock your facebook, whatsapp, calls setting, messages, Gmail and any app which you want to lock by ios 8 applock.
Easy to use passcode security to securing your apps.
Set passcode at first time and set recovery email address in ios 8 applock.
Recovery email address will help you to store your passcode in your email, which will help you to remember when you forget your passcode.
Features :
• ios 8 locker securing your app for privacy.
• ios 8 locker lock your gallery, messages and social application
• iOS 8 locker lock and unlock your application
• ios 8 locker lock your apps for privacy
• ios 8 style passcode design
• setting up with system using iOS 8 locker
• ios 8 locker preventing your apps for unistall
• toucher shortcut like ios 8 theme
• iOS 8 locker provide security to unistall app pass with your passcode.
• for unistalling must enter your passcode app
Extra Features:
• ios 8 applock has built in assistive touch.
• By that assistive touch you can manage your phone setting stuff very easy.
• It will gives you best experience of ios phone.

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