Online Marketing

Mobile Marketing

With the development of smartphones and the easy availability they offer, mobile marketing remains an
instant tool to produce results 24/7.

Users carry their mobile phones with them all over the day, if they are targeted on the basis of their cell phone usage. They are more likely to access and respond to an advertisement.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is better way to trust and reference people to identifying status of any business.

Our social media marketing tactic keep your brand top of mind in front of the competition.

By targeting both Facebook fans and Twitter followers we do best social media marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is low-cost compared to another marketing online marketing, email marketing is way to reach directly to people.

Using email marketing there are lots of features like person can view email any time, we can track records how many time individuals can open email.

Raise online sales with online marketing services that includes:

PPC - 70%
web Analytic - 75%
content marketing - 80%
email marketing- 85%
social media marketing - 90%
social media ads- 95%
Page Ranks- 98%

Content Marketing


60 web pointer is leading content marketing company.  Our content marketing services includes Guest posting, Info graphic creation and marketing, Article creation, Content strategy, Data visualization, E-book and whitepaper creation, e-commerce content marketing and lots more. We build long time relationships with every clients.

Blogs Marketing


ant to do blog marketing? The facts is Companies that having blogs get 55% more website visitors than others. Blog marketing is technique that promotes a company’s website, business, brand or service. The proofs say for themselves. Marketing data clearly shows that blogging is a places of the arriving traffic and straight links to better business results.

Social Ads


e offer several online Advertisement solutions to suit your exact requirements and budget, whether it’s using Social Ads, Banner Ads, Popup Ads, Home Page Ads or Content Ads or Text Ads. Using Social Ads any business can advertise to exact audiences based on specific social and geographical information.

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