Join the New Free and Best FPS Games of 2018 Era

Join the New Free and Best FPS Games of 2018 Era

Maze Militia, the world’s best trending among free and new FPS Games has come out with extravagant revolution. It’s a game changer turn for the players. Being LAN and Online Multiplayer game, it lets you unite with worldwide players on a single platform. Also, being available in cross-platform I.e, Android and Ios it covers majority population. Also, it is a realistic action shooting game with a multilingual touch.

It is a skill strategy based free FPS games, which lets you team-up and play with your online as well as offline friends via wifi or hotspot. It even does instant matchmaking in Online battles of PvP games. The immersive and futuristic design of UI as well as immense game play all makes it stand at the top. The new dynamic graphics with eye-catching environment and profound sound effect make it a deadly combination of action shooting game.

To dominate the battle grounds, one need to feel the power. Within Maze Militia, player can become a powerful body with thrilling armory. The devastating arsenals features the wide range category of the gun games. It covers Hand guns, Heavy guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shot Guns, Machine Guns and Launchers. Consequently, it also has Melee tools like combat knife, baseball bat and Tactical shield. In addition to explosives like grenades, C4 Remoter and much more unlike other PvP games.

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Enhancing the Player’s uniqueness, character customization has been integrated in the free FPS games. Now, one can build their own legend and rule the battlefields. You can customize the pants, body, armor, head. Each exhibit wide and different variety of functionality. In addition now characters can crouch as well as jump giving game a different arena.

Increasing the fun and thrill of action games of 2018, there are 100+ missions to unlock and get gifted with free valuable in game rewards. Consequently, in PvP games there are different game modes including Death Match, Survival, Hard Core and many more. Players can experience ultimate shooting skills here with free aiming system. Consequently, there is Quick chat facilities too. Where you can socialize and strategize with other mates.

Nailing up the status of FPS games, there are power boosters like free surprise crates, daily bonus and most useful the Pro-Pack and 150% Exp Booster so encouraging one to be in the best 3 players. The Pro-Pack of action games of 2018 include Gas Mask, Bomb Mine Detector, Robust Shield and dynamic weapon swap.

In addition to all this, there is lot more in this shooting games of 2018. So why wait, download for free and start banging on!!