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Keep away your Nosy Friends from Apps by PIN using AppLock Pro Black.

AppLock Pro Black

AppLock Pro Black is an AppLock or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a PIN(e.g Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Gmail and any app you choose)
The application works in a very uncomplicated way.
In beginning,User have to create a numeric pin to unlock the application you want to protect. From that moment on,when user will open that app,
it will ask you to insert the password you have defined.
It prevents your children from accidentally or purposely accessing your phone content.
Even if another user tries to uninstall it, this same password window won’t allow it.
Password protect specific applications and files on your Android device without locking the entire device!




AppLock Pro Black-The fastest & safest applock for android in the world.

Lock your photos, gallery and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends.
Prevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games.


Prevent Game Addiction.

Are your kids at risk of some offline& online game addiction and you want to control them? This free application lock helps lock any app or
games & online games like World of War craft, League of Legends, Warhammer, EverQuest, etc. to protect your kids from game addiction.


Lock Multi Media Players & Web Browsers.

This App has the ability to lock your Media Players to prevent the audio & video files you played from peeking, and password protect your
web browsers to prevent access to the internet for unauthorized persons to get your privacy, important bank password and so on through browser history, cookies, cache etc.


Lock Chat Apps.

AppLock pro Black is great for keeping people out of your identity theft or fraud by some chat tools.
It can lock Skype, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, MSN, WeChat and any app you choose, with abundant options, protecting your privacy.
Now, no one can snoop into your private chats and No one can find out your secrets!.


100% Free, Safe & Easy.

100% clean and free app lock-AppLock Pro Black is completely free and does not contain any malware. It is not only able to work efficiently but quite easy to use.
By following the brief instructions on the uncluttered interface you can  lock any executable program you want with no prior experience required.


Customizable background.

Change the backgrounds of app lock using packaged backgrounds.


Minimum resource used.

Easy-to-use and user friendly GUI.
Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.
Superbly rich graphics.


Assistive Touch Like IOS9.

The quickest,and easiest way to fast access functionalities.


More Features:-

Protect any app manually.
Reset pass code with simple interface..
Inbuilt background themes for custom preferences.
Vibrate and Sound on app unlock pad customizable.
Customizable background using packaged backgrounds.
It takes very less battery power during process.
lock any app with single tap.


Assistive Quick Touch settings include

◎ Lock Screen – Lock your screen immediately and very easily in Assistive Touch.
◎ settings – It will take you to the mobile settings.
◎ Go to Home – Redirect you to the direct home screen no matter where you are in mobile app by Assistive Touch.
◎ Brightness – it has 3 stage of brightness level low, medium and High, so you can set which you want to set.
◎ Auto Rotate – enable or disable rotation of your screen.
◎ Flash Light – its very quick solution to on torch in your mobile by Assistive Touch.
◎ Sound Profile – it can change your profile to vibrate, silent or speaker mode.
◎ GPS – Location service.
◎ Wi-Fi.
◎ Mobile Data.



◎ How to set and change Password ?
When first time you open the app then Application will ask you to set Password and confirm it again.
To change Password, its very easy you can open our Application – Enter your old password – go to settings – change password.

◎ What if i forgot Passcode ?
Don’t worry about that you can click on forgot password in Applock Pro Black – Privacy applocker and fill answer of your security questions, you will get passcode in mail if all the answers are correct from Applock Pro Black.

◎ How Could I Protect my apps, Gallery, Setting etc. ?
You Just have to open Applock Pro Black, Enter Password which is required and then you will get list of the applications which is already in your device, Now you just have to touch on the on/off button to enable and disable privacy protection.

◎ How i can uninstall Applock Pro Black?
For Uninstall this app you have to just go to the settings > App Manager > Applock Pro Black and simply Uninstall it. but before you do that please note that your apps will be no longer protected, Applock Pro Black gives you best option to protect it.

◎ How can i Protect from others to Uninstall Applock Pro Black?
You can go to the Administrative Setting in settings and give admin rights enable to the Applock Pro Black, and then after no one can uninstall it without your settled passcode.

◎ How To Use and Enable Disable Assistive Touch ?
You can touch on the Assistive Toucher and you will get lots of option like go to home, Lock your screen, Brightness adjustment, Auto Rotate , Flash Light on/off, Sound Profile mode, WiFi, GPS, Data Plan on/off and much more. you can do all this things by one Assistive Touch and also you can enable or disable it from the App Lock Pro Black settings.

Known Issues

Not Supporting very few devices, and We are working on it and it will be solved in few days.
Assistive touch dragging position saving is not enable yet. it will be updated soon in Assistive Touch.

If you are facing any problem in this app, Please Feel Free to contact us. If Want to give any suggestions or need any help Please contact on .we will get back to you soon.

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